Week 5 in the Ballacottier Hub and it was once again a fun packed week of activities. They have done all sorts this week! The socially distant dens are still up and going strong. I'm not entirely convinced they're ever going to come down! The den making appears to have evolved into gazebo making outside as well.

The children have once again been helping out Mrs Beattie and Mrs Coward in the school garden as well.

They have also made balloon animals and models with Mr Reeder.

I think this hat fashion could catch on!

They have also been doing maths activities every morning with Mrs Whyley and wrote poems with Miss Lawrence (yes, believe it or not!!). The poems were based on the 10 Things poems by Ian McMillan. Here is a link to one of them! Ten Things Poems. They listened to the poems first and talked about each line. Then they decided as a group what they wanted to write their poems about. They came up with two ideas and so they wrote two - Ten Things Found In a Henry Hoover and Eleven Things Found in a Haunted Train. They all contributed ideas and then wrote the poems out, with pictures for each one. Have a look below!

Back on Miss Lawrence's home territory, the children have also been recapping and extending their knowledge of the instruments of the orchestra, whilst also learning about some new instruments that they hadn't seen or heard before. They listened to short sections of orchestral music and identified instruments by ear. Then they looked at the layout of the orchestra and learnt about which players sit where. They talked about the activity and did it on Tuesday, then came back the next day and repeated it without help. They also had a discussion with Mr Reeder about which instrument they would really like to be able to play.

With Mrs Whyley, as well as the maths sessions, the children made pizzas - they were all really excited about this activity and had a lot of fun making faces on their pizzas with pepperoni. They made their own dough and learnt about why it needs to be left to rise. The pizzas turned out really well, so much so, that Mr Sharman really wanted some!

We think they were all pretty happy with how the pizzas turned out!

They have also made their own kites with Mrs Whyley and Mr Reeder. Once again, the weather has been fantastic and this meant they were able to test their kites outside.

Junior Achievement dropped off some Harry Potter portion activities too, which was really kind of them.

The week was finished off today with a water party, which the children absolutely loved. Miss Lawrence had gone home by this point, which is a good job, because she didn't have a change of clothes and knew she would probably get soaked! I suspect the sole aim was soaking the teachers, which by the looks of this last photo, they succeeded!

Joking aside, we have really enjoyed spending time with the children again this week. It is so lovely to see friendships being built between pupils from completely different year groups. These children have spent 5 weeks with each other now and have been an absolute pleasure to spend time with. We did the first week of lockdown and coming back in week 5 to see how well the children are dealing with the situation is a joy. We are very proud to look after them on behalf of the key workers and we were slightly sad to leave today! Check back next week for the next exciting chapter.