Week 8 and the hub has seen a few changes this week, but the children have once again been enjoying making all sorts, learning about Florence Nightingale and helping out in the school garden once again. They have made their own stationery organisers which we think look wonderful!

The children have also made their own rainbow nameplate holders for their own desks as well.

They celebrated International Nurses Day and enjoyed finding out about Florence Nightingale. They made lanterns and tested them out in the cupboards!

They made paper people which they turned into nurses.

The children also painted rainbows for the fire station, so that the fire station could be decorated with rainbows!

The children also requested to make jewellery and Mrs Mulligan was really impressed with their creativity skills. One of the children made a beautiful dreamcatcher and another made earrings for everyone. We think there are a definitely a few budding entrepreneurs amongst this wonderful group of children!

The children have also been continuing on their number work and literacy skills whilst in school this week.

They also made cork boats with sails and tested them outside :)

In addition, the children have once again been helping Mrs Beattie in the school garden. The girls have been sowing their favourites, carrots this week and planting and staking the purple and yellow French beans. Greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers are coming on great too.