Don't forget to have a look at our wonderwall of home learning work that children have sent in. There are some wonderful pieces of work that the children have created and Mrs Morris has once again put a video together to showcase the work! You can find it on the home learning section of the webpage, or you can click here. This week's Wonderwall!

Watch out tomorrow for a fantastic singing video from one of our year 6 boys! We will post a link to the video :)

Another busy week in the hub, with one or two more children in school this week. The children have all been brilliant once again and have adapted incredibly well to more changes that have been made. It is really nice for the children who have been in since week one to at least see other pupils. It is also lovely to see friendships between children in different year groups continue to blossom.

In their small groups, the children have all been carrying on with the same home learning tasks that have been set by teachers for specific year groups. Today (Friday), the year 6s joined in with the weekly debate, in the year 6 Google classroom that Mrs Butterworth and Mr Partington run. The topic was 'does being very rich make us more happier?' and it was really nice for the year 6s in school to be able to join in for what was an interesting debate.

The children have MSR ever day and this week have had music with Miss Lawrence too. Amongst other tasks that have been set for music home learning this week, they have learnt how to perform this table percussion rhythm, which some children found quite addictive! Table Top Rhythm (the task starts at around 1'10). We may also have done a spot of Let it go on karaoke today as well, as Miss Lawrence has decided that Frozen is her new favourite thing. Luci reminded Miss Lawrence of the Makey Makey , so we got that out as well and today, one of the groups rocked out on the djembe drums.

Have a look below at some of the other tasks that our Ballacottier hub staff have been doing with the children this week. This has included making volcanoes, repainting the courtyard stones in order to make a stone rainbow, button pictures and 3D paper balloons.

We are proud of all of our pupils, both at home and in the hub, for the way they are dealing with the significant changes in their lives at this period of time. We miss you all.

Meanwhile, the choir llamas were guarding watch over the piano with the stick of destiny (that stick has been there for at least 3 years now) at the beginning of week.....

.... but by the end of the week, they had somehow navigated themselves to hub area, keeping a watchful eye over activities!