Week 10 at the Ballacottier Hub and time has flown by. Have a look at what our hub key worker children have been up to this week!

On Tuesday, our reception children were counting, matching and ordering ladybird spots! They watched a video of the Bad Tempered Ladybird story last week in school and have been doing lots of activities connected to that.

They also had lots of fun on the field with some of the older children making some lovely flower hearts.

This week, the younger children have also been practising their skills for telling the time, looking at story plans and also working on spelling and handwriting (Foundation stage).

Some of the children have also made rainbow memory sticks to add to our beautiful courtyard garden.

Have a look at these wonderful ladybird biscuits that the children have made. They look really tasty!

They also had a scavenger hunt on the school field!