Wednesday 11th October, 2017

The school choir are busy preparing for their performance at the Collabro concert in the Villa on Saturday night! They will be singing 3 songs at the beginning of the concert with some brave year six solos, as well as soloist Alexandra Slater. In the second half of the concert, they will be performing two songs with Collabro. This is a very exciting concert for the choir and they have worked really hard for it. Meanwhile, in school, the extra curricular groups are now up and running. The school folk group have been busy learning Manx tunes and some pupils have started to learn a completely new instrument. The group is made up mostly of year 6s, with some year 5s. Rosie is busy learning the button accordion and Beatrice has started to learn her way around the harp!

One of our other new groups is the samba band. This group is mainly made up of year 5s, which one or two pupils from younger year groups. Today we worked on going from the Q&A section to the main groove section. Josh was the leader today (on an instrument called the repinique), but we usually swap around the instruments within the session.


Friday 22nd September, 2017

Welcome to the music page for Ballacottier Primary School. Please find below information with regards to what each class will be learning in their weekly music lessons this term.

Lessons are split into three sections, as detailed in the top three boxes below: Kodaly (starter), Main lesson focus and to finish, listening to music. The main lesson focus before half term will be instrumental studies. The main lesson focus after half term in the run up to Christmas will be singing.


Please also find below a timetable of peripatetic music lessons, singing sessions and extra curricular music groups. Please note that clarinet, saxophone and flute lessons will be on a Wednesday each week, but will alternate between the lesson before break and the lesson after break. I will post a notice each week for pupils as a reminder.