BBC Ten Pieces A BBC initiative to try to encourage pupils to get listening to classical music. The BBC Ten Pieces 1 were first launched 4 years ago, followed by Ten Pieces 2 in 2015 and Ten Pieces 3 in Autumn 2017. The site is full of ideas and resources connected to the Ten Pieces.

SFS For Kids - instruments of the orchestra This is a website with a flash player game that introduces pupils to the instruments of the orchestra.

Musical Toad - A site with lots of song music and word sheets that we will hopefully be using in class and in singing sessions.

Singup - A singing site with articles and song resources. Requires subscription.

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Music at Ballacottier

Welcome to the music pages for Ballacottier Primary School. For information about what pupils have been getting up to in their curriculum music lessons, please click the 'curriculum music' link to the left. For information about extra curricular groups s…

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