Year 6 have been learning about Victorian music halls and singing two famous music hall songs - Daisy Daisy and After the Ball. They have recapped on their knowledge of ukulele chords in learning the chord progressions for the song and have developed their confidence with singing and playing at the same time. Both of these songs are waltzes, so pupils have also developed their understanding of different time signatures in music. More recently, pupils have worked in small groups to create their own Victorian street seller jingle. We talked about this in the sense of the time that the film was set, but also in the sense of present day advertising as well (we linked in local radio adverts here).

This was done after watching the 'Who Will Buy' scene from the movie musical Oliver!. Each group composed their own jingle, wrote the rhythm down and the pitch with solfa letters and then gradually, we built the songs together, in a similar way to 'Who Will Buy'. Have a listen to 6B's street seller songs. Which product would you buy?! They got very competitive!

Who Will Buy Victorian Jingles CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN!


Below are two recordings we have made in school in the last couple of weeks! Year 4 and 5 have been learning about WW2, so in music lessons, this has entailed learning songs from the era. Each class has focused on learning a different song - For Year 5, it is the famous 'Chattanooga', for year 4, 'The Siegfried Line' and for year 4/5, they have been learning the White Cliffs of Dover, which is the recording that is linked below. In lessons, we have spent a little while learning the song, then the main part has focused on keyboard skills, specifically finding their way around without using letter guides! They have learnt to play notes on the keyboards that follow their class song and some have begun to have a go at playing 3 finger chords. This version of the song is with Miss Lawrence playing the piano. Each class has also learnt about swing and big band music - how the bands were made up, why they were popular during this era and also, a small amount about the famous band leader Glenn Miller.

Class 4/5M - White Cliffs of Dover CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN!

Year three have begun their music lessons by recapping on some of the simple songs that they learned in year 2, as well as going over their knowledge of basic music notation. They have also worked on a class song performance of the Potter Puppet Pals video 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise'. This song uses their speaking voice rather than their singing voice. It has 5 parts which are the names of Harry Potter characters. The children worked together well to create a performance of the piece, which you can hear here. Year 3 are now working on their tin whistle skills. We have revisited their knowledge of the notes B, A and G, which are the first three holes. They have been reading simple pieces of music and playing the notes on the tin whistle, without anything underneath telling them what the letters are! In the last couple of weeks before half term, we will be visiting the new notes of F#, E and D, which are the last 3 holes on the tin whistle.

Year 3 - Potter Puppet Pals 'Mysterious Ticking Noise' CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN!


Welcome back to pupils after the summer holidays. Reception will be having their introduction to music lessons through singing lots of simple songs and playing lots of musical games. All other years will continue their music lessons - this half term's focus is individual instrumental skills. Years 1 and 2 will be using the percussion instruments, year 3 will be continuing with the tin whistle, year 4 will begin their lessons on the keyboards, year 5 will recap on keyboard skills and extend their knowledge and year 6 will be extending their knowledge of how to play the ukulele. For the juniors, most year groups studied this term's instrument last year, so the aim is to consolidate and extend their skills on this instrument. We have lots of talented ukulele players in year 6, so we are looking forward to some excellent tunes! Lessons are split into three sections, as detailed in the top three boxes below: Kodaly (starter), Main lesson focus and to finish, listening to music. The main lesson focus after half term in the run up to Christmas will be singing and preparing songs for the performances. The KS2 concert is already planned - expect some epic tunes!


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