Wednesday 30th January, 2019

In KS2, we have spent our time over the last few weeks since Christmas going over the rhythm notation work (how to write them down and then be able to clap/play them through). KS1 have also been recapping on their basic rhythm notation. As the entire half term before Christmas had a singing focus due to the Christmas performances, this has taken hard work and effort from the pupils, but they are back on track! Please see the topic plan below for further information on this. With regard to the Kodaly approach to music, the idea is basically that they learn about the ingredients of music (such as high/low, fast/slow, quiet/loud etc) 'unconsciously', through games and activities. They build up a bank of songs a little like you would do with nursery rhymes. As they get older, the knowledge of these instruments is 'made conscious' (i.e. pupils are told what each ingredient is). They learn hand signs to help with understanding of pitch and stick notation, in order to be able to write music down. More information can be found here.

The British Kodaly Academy

As detailed in the music topic plan below, this half term's focus is composition in groups. There is also a significant listening focus on certain decades of music, for KS2. So far, listening material has included such diverse artists as The Backstreet Boys, Faithless, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Journey, The Eurythmics, UB40 and Bob Dylan! After half term (or once group compositions have been completed), each class will return to individual instrumental skills, which I will do a separate topic plan for. Year 6 will be continuing with their songwriting project, as this will be their last major composition work before they leave the school. The instrument focus for each year group will change from the one that they learnt in Autumn 1st half term. Year 1/2 will be learning tin whistle, year 3/4 will be learning keyboard and year 5 will be learning the ukulele. As many of the ukulele group are year 5, some will be focusing on learning new chords and trickier songs.

Please note that the topic overview below is the same lay out as the Autumn Term 2018 plan, but has different information on.


Tuesday 11th September, 2018

Welcome back to pupils after the summer holidays. Curriculum music lessons have begun again this week, for all pupils, including reception. Reception will be having their introduction to music lessons through singing lots of simple songs and playing lots of musical games. Today they even had a go on the drums, which was great fun. All other years will continue their music lessons - this half term's focus is individual instrumental skills. Years 1 and 2 will be using the percussion instruments, years 3 and 4 will be continuing with the tin whistle, year 5 will be focusing on keyboard skills again and year 6 will be studying the ukulele. For years 3 to 6, they all studied this term's instrument last year, so the aim is to consolidate and extend their skills on this instrument. Lessons are split into three sections, as detailed in the top three boxes below: Kodaly (starter), Main lesson focus and to finish, listening to music. The main lesson focus after half term in the run up to Christmas will be singing and preparing songs for the performances.