BBC Ten Pieces A BBC initiative to try to encourage pupils to get listening to classical music. The BBC Ten Pieces 1 were first launched 4 years ago, followed by Ten Pieces 2 in 2015 and Ten Pieces 3 in Autumn 2017. The site is full of ideas and resources connected to the Ten Pieces.

SFS For Kids - instruments of the orchestra This is a website with a flash player game that introduces pupils to the instruments of the orchestra.

Musical Toad - A site with lots of song music and word sheets that we will hopefully be using in class and in singing sessions.

Singup - A singing site with articles and song resources. Requires subscription.

DSO Kids - Dallas Symphony Orchestra website. Click on the Learn and Listen tab.

NY Philharmonic Orchestra - New York Philharmonic Orchestra website. Lots of games and activities.

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Curriculum Music

WEDNESDAY 23RD OCTOBER, 2019 Year 6 have been learning about Victorian music halls and singing two famous music hall songs - Daisy Daisy and After the Ball. They have recapped on their knowledge of ukulele chords in learning the chord progressions for th…

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