New Entrants

Any child of statutory primary school age living in our ‘Catchment Area’ can be admitted to Ballacottier School.


You can also check catchment areas on the government website ( by following the link for maps and entering your postcode.

If you have a child due to start school the following September for reception class please register him/her, if possible, by the end of the previous Autumn term. Your details will be entered onto our system and we will post you further details about meetings and starting school when appropriate.

Parents who wish to register children for admission can do so by contacting the school office. A mutually convenient appointment can be made for parents and children to visit the school and discuss admission with the Head Teacher.

A meeting for parents of children who are to start school for the first time is held in the term prior to admission. The meeting offers the opportunity for parents to meet staff and other parents, look around the school and learn a little about its work and organisation. The Head Teacher and foundation stage staff will be available to respond to any queries you may have concerning your child’s education and welfare. Also, in the term prior to admission children are invited to spend two half day sessions in school so they can become familiar with their classroom, meet other children and their class teacher.

The first day at school can be challenging for many children. On that first day it is helpful if children are brought into school as soon as they arrive, before the school bell rings. Parents of new children can accompany them to their classroom and help them to take off coats and hang them on appropriate pegs. The class teacher and SESO will be there to welcome and assist both you and your child.

At the end of the school day parents are asked to wait outside the building until the class teacher brings the children out.

As the term progresses and children become more independent they will enter school with the other pupils when the bell rings at 9.00 a.m. We do not normally expect pupils to arrive before 8.50 a.m. At 8.50 a.m. a member of staff will be on duty and will supervise the pupils into school.