Social Media

We hope that your child’s time at the school is happy and productive. We are always happy to discuss matters with parents and carers to ensure every child achieves his or her full potential. If, at any time, you have any concerns about your child at school, then please do not hesitate to speak to the relevant staff member. We would ask that parents and carers please support the school in it’s constant drive to raise standards by discussing any concerns or issues with us, rather than on social media sites, which could be potentially damaging for the school and its’ pupils.

SMS Messaging

We use a text messaging service to contact parents about event/activity cancellations (usually due to weather) as well as to contact individuals. This is an outgoing text service only. If you wish to reply, please call or email the school.

School Facebook Page and Website

The school has a Facebook page and website, which are frequently updated with information for parents.

To access these sites, go to:


Parental Consultation and Progress Reports

Parents’ Evenings are held in October/November and in February/March, but you must feel that you are free to make appointments to see the staff at any time of the year. Please contact the office to make an appointment. A written report on each child’s performance at school will be issued to parents at the end of the summer term.