Absence and Lateness

The Department of Education, Sport and Culture’s regulations regarding taking your child out of school for a family holiday are as follows:-

‘Authorised leave of absence for this purpose MUST NOT EXCEED TEN DAYS in any educational year’

Please put in writing to the Head Teacher the reason for your child’s absence or lateness from school. This includes holidays, children going to hospital etc.

Term time holidays or consistent lateness can have a detrimental effect on your child’s performance at school. The late arrival of children causes unnecessary disruption, not only for the child concerned, but also the rest of their class and it creates difficulties with regard to registration, dinner numbers, etc. The school bell rings at 9am and children should be in the playground a few minutes before that time. Please note that children arriving after the bell rings will be given a 'late mark' in the register. After 9.20am, in accordance with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture's policy, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Children arriving after the bell has gone should report their arrival to the Administrator in the school office. Late arrivals for medical appointments are perfectly understandable, but we ask that you let the school know in advance when possible.

Please be aware that as the registration system is computerised, the school and the Department of Education, Sport and Culture monitor attendance. If lateness and/or absence persists, parents may be visited by an Education Welfare Officer.

We would request that, wherever possible, parents arrange their holidays within the school holiday periods. Absence will be treated as unauthorised if more than ten days are taken in any school year. A letter should be sent to the Headteacher requesting holidays in advance, clearly stating the dates and reason for absence.

Current attendance rates at Ballacottier School average more than 95%.