Ballacottier Primary School provides a happy, caring and stimulating environment which enables children to achieve their full potential. Through developing the key skills of communication and ICT along with a clear understanding of necessary next steps for improvement, children are prepared for the modern world.

Ballacottier Primary School follows a diverse and exciting curriculum. A flexible and cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning encourages creative thinking. This is coupled with a framework of key skills which underpin learning experiences and encourage pupils to become independent learners.
The curriculum is delivered through the provision of modern and relevant resources in the classrooms, stimulating and enriching outdoor areas, and the opportunities to apply life skills and experience life outside of the classroom.

Being able to communicate clearly in a variety of situations, with a range of audiences from an early age is a vital key skill, and for this reason, pupils have the opportunity to improve their spoken language and aural skills through all areas of school life. Dialogic teaching harnesses the power of talk to stimulate and extend pupils thinking and advance their learning and understanding, empowering the student for lifelong learning and active citizenship.

At Ballacottier Primary School we value and understand the importance of ICT in order to succeed in the 21st Century. As such we cultivate strong links with local businesses and industry, both to add a practical dimension to learning and also as a means of keeping up to date with technological advances. Technology is embedded into all subjects and opportunities to explore latest advances are embraced. Practical ICT support and training opportunities further ensure that children and staff are familiarised with advances in modern technology.

Our pupils succeed when they have a clear understanding of how to improve. At Ballacottier Primary School we have a clear, objective approach to feedback, both in the classroom and when liaising with parents. Our clear assessment procedures ensure that there is a constructive and consistent picture of every child’s academic progress. Targets are regularly reviewed, and delivered in a child friendly language that enable all children to have a clear understanding of their next steps for improvement. At Ballacottier Primary School we work together for the benefit of all our children, constantly adapting and striving to do our best.

Core Values

Treat people as you would want them to treat you

Respect, value and support each other

Create happy memories through positive experiences

Be brave, be yourself, be proud to be you

Always aim high and have high expectations