Basic First Aid is provided for all children who need it but, if at any time a child’s condition gives cause for concern, parents will be contacted by telephone. If your child becomes unfit for school through illness during the day we will contact you so that they can be collected.

If your child suffers from any chronic or long-term medical conditions e.g. asthma, you need to inform the school and arrange to leave any medication in a named container with a member of staff. Depending upon the nature of your child’s condition, it may be necessary to work with the school to complete a care plan for your child. This may involve support from the School Nurse, GP or other Health agencies.

Hot and Cold Weather

We advise that all children have a sun hat and water bottle in school during the summer months. Parents should apply an 8 hour suncream before their children come to school. As we try to get out as much as possible it is vital that your child always has a waterproof coat and in the winter months a hat and gloves to keep warm.

Please inform the school immediately of any change of home address, or of any change of telephone number where you might be reached during the day in the event of an emergency.