The percentage of Reception Class pupils reaching the attainment described as a Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of Foundation Stage in July 2021 was 71.4%


The tables below provide levels of attainment in Years Two and Six at Ballacottier School for the academic year 2020/21.


At Ballacottier School we value the whole child and measure success by achievement as well as attainment.

The data does not form a complete picture of achievement at our school which is measured by the individual progress a child makes and which is reported to you in terms of above/ below or expected progress in the annual School Report and at Parent’s Evening in the Spring term.

The data does not show the individual academic progress that children make each year. It does not measure effort or perseverance. It does not recognise pupils who excel at sport, music or art. Nor does it measure levels of kindness, understanding, empathy and honesty.

The data does not show the differences between a cohort nor the range and number of Additional Needs, EAL or pupils who have transferred into or out of our school. It is a snapshot of attainment by that particular group of children. The data can include those children in Rainbow Room with developmental difficulties and sometimes profound learning needs.

This specific data is representative of an academic year containing two periods of lockdown and a year prior to this containing an extended lockdown, which will have had an impact on children's learning.