If your child suffers from any food allergies it is vital that you inform the school. In some cases the allergy is so severe a child may be prescribed an auto injector (epi-pen). If your child has been prescribed an epi-pen for use in school we need you to complete a Care Plan before we can administer it in an emergency. Please contact the school office for more details. The school asks for two epi-pens to be kept in school.

Epi-pens are stored in individual bags labelled with your Child’s name and photograph in the class medical bag. The bag is taken on all school trips.

To avoid extreme allergic reactions we ask you not to include nuts/nut products in school lunch boxes and for snacks. School does not distribute sweets/food sent in from home during the school day. Instead it will be sent home at the end of the day (e.g. birthday cake etc.) to ensure all pupils stay safe.

Please be aware that as your child gets older they may require a higher dosage epi-pen. This is related to your child’s body weight rather than their age. Please check regularly with your GP that your child has the correct dosage epi-pen.

Our designated School Nurse is in contact with the school regularly; if you would like to speak with her for any reason about your child's allergies then please call or pop in to see the School Administrator who can pass on a message for you to arrange an appointment.