It is very important that we make our school as safe as practicable. The school has a C.C.T.V. system in place. This system monitors events around the school around the clock, 365 days a year and can be used in a Court of Law if a prosecution is to take place as a result of any misdemeanour. The system also monitors any vehicles or pedestrians from a multitude of angles should they enter school property. Some of our many cameras are covert and have caught a number of individuals to date who did not realise that they were being filmed! We always call in the police if a crime or act of vandalism occurs. Members of staff from local Secondary Schools also help us identify culprits. The camera never lies and all footage is date and time stamped!


Visitors to school are required to sign our Visitors’ Book both on entering and departing the premises. This is kept outside the school office. This will also ensure that all are accounted for in the event of a fire. You will also be required to wear a Visitor’s Badge, also available from outside the office.

If you wish to visit the school please contact the school office on 612558 to make an appointment.

These two items are Department of Education, Sport and Culture Policy.

Money in School

If possible, do not let your child bring money other than that required for school reasons. Teachers are not required to look after money in connection with matters other than school ones. Most items which require payment can be made via ParentPay therefore there is little need for a child to bring cash into school. Each child is issued with a ParentPay activation letter once they start at Ballacottier Primary School. If your child does bring cash into school, this should be in an envelope clearly marked with the child’s name and what the money is for.

Valuables and Toys

Children should not bring valuables, toys or ‘precious belongings’ to school. We know from experience that loss, or damage, can be very upsetting for all concerned. Parents are advised that if children bring valuable property to school, neither the Department of Education, Sport and Culture, nor the teachers or other employees of the Department will be responsible for any loss or damage to such property.

Mobile Phones

The school strongly discourages children from bringing mobile phones to school. Children should not require a mobile phone during the school day. Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency the school office remains a vital and appropriate point of contact. Children are able to use the school phone to contact parents if need be.

Parents are advised that if they require their child to bring a mobile phone into school for after school use in connection with safety issues, the child must ensure their telephone is switched off and hand it in at the school office at the start of the day. It is the child’s responsibility to collect it at the end of the day. School accept no responsibility for any personal items that the children bring in from home, this includes mobile phones. Mobile phones are brought to school entirely at the owner's risk.


If at all possible, please try and encourage your children to walk to school as this is beneficial to their health and alleviates parking problems.

There are a total of 80 visitor parking spaces at the school and a drop-off/pick-up bay where children can be dropped off/collected. A one-way system is in operation and the speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

Please do not park in the Drop Off Bay, Staff Car Park, on the central green area or next to the Infants entrance where the cross hatching is. (Buses and minibuses only are allowed to stop here so that staff can ensure specific children are collected).

Parking in the back playground is only for parents of the Special Needs Unit and after school club minibuses.

If you intend to stop for a chat or to see your child to the playground, please park in a parking space in the main car park!!

Offensive Weapons in School

Pupils are not required to bring craft knives or any other bladed instruments for use as part of the school curriculum. Toy guns must not be brought into school.