School History and Building


Ballacottier Primary School opened its doors to pupils for the first time on 8th September, 1998. It was opened by the Honourable Edgar J Mann who was the Education Minister at the time. At that time there were only 96 pupils on roll, this number has now risen to over 230.

Ballacottier School serves the Farmhill area of Douglas. The school has provision for two parallel classes for each of the seven year groups, with adjacent shared areas that can be used for many different activities. There is a centrally situated hall with dining facilities, a very well-equipped sports hall, a central outdoor courtyard, a community room, medical room, and a Special Needs Unit that is called the Rainbow Room. We are also lucky to have a superb library and a resource room that is regularly used for music lessons. A large playing field lies to the rear of the school and there are three playgrounds.

The Headteacher’s and School Administrator’s offices are located in the main entrance hall.

There is a separate Nursery Unit, which is privately run.

Where did the school logo come from?


The name ‘Ballacottier’ is literally translated from Manx as meaning Cottier’s place or farm. Further research from J.J. Kneen’s book ‘Personal names of the Isle of Man’ stated that the name Cottier originated from MacOtter, meaning ‘son of Ottar’. The extract goes on to say that a certain Donald MacOtter of Ballacottier, Kirk Braddan, was in the House of Keys in 1502.

With the above information, the school logo was designed incorporating a picture of an otter.