At Ballacottier Primary School we want to ensure our pupils receive the best support and care in managing their condition.

All pupils with a diagnosis of asthma, who have been issued with an inhaler must have an asthma plan that is completed at your GP Surgery with your doctor or nurse. A copy of this can be collected from the school office for you to take to your doctors, and return to school completed.

Pupils who are monitored at the hospital for their asthma should have a separate care plan issued by the consultant. A copy of this is required in school.

It is recommended that all pupils under the age of 12 years of age should have a spacer in school to take their inhaler with. Using a spacer increases the effectiveness of the asthma medication by 50%.

Pupils should only have reliever inhalers in school. These are usually blue and contain ventolin/salbutamol. Preventer inhalers (usually brown, beige, orange or purple) should not be in school as these are administered at home in the morning and evening.

The Department of Social Care School Health Recommendations for Children with Asthma in Schools, states that:

“Parents should be asked to ensure that children have two relievers/inhalers, one to be kept at school and one to used on the journey to and from school.”

If your child walks to school unaccompanied, you should ensure they always carry their inhaler in their pocket in case they need to use it when travelling to and from school.

In addition, school must be provided with a named inhaler for your child to be used if their regular inhaler runs out, or if they have forgotten it. This spare inhaler will be kept by the class teacher and taken on school trips and excursions.

Please make a note of the expiry date marked on the inhaler so that you can provide a replacement when needed. School staff are not allowed to administer medication that is out of date.

Pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One are supported by school staff to take their asthma medication.

If school staff notice that your child requires their inhaler more than usual they will contact you so that you can seek medical advice and ensure the inhaler is managing their condition effectively.

Ballacottier Primary School takes its responsibilities to pupils with asthma very seriously and would ask that you inform the School Office of any changes to your child’s medication, so that we provide appropriate treatment and support to your child.

Please contact the school if your child no longer has a diagnosis of asthma so that their asthma records can be updated.

Please note it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that emergency medication is available in school at all times.